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Humane and Ecological Husbandry

Secure & Reliable

All of your meat, eggs, and cheese for a year

    ✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    ✔ Meat handled with care to prevent the spread of food-borne pathogens and COVID
    ✔ Delivery tracking lets you know exactly where we are and when we'll deliver

Convenient & Customizable

Sign up for the plan that fits your household and order only what you want each month from our wide selection of meats and cheese

    ✔ Delivery directly to your home
    ✔ No deep freezer required
    ✔ No unrecognizable cuts that end up in the back of your freezer

Fair & Affordable

We set our prices so that farmers and farmworkers can make a decent living, but we make it accessible to budgets of every size with pay-as-you-go options

    ✔ Sign up for secure, monthly-recurring credit card payments
    ✔ Send us an envelope with post-dated checks and we'll deposit one a month
    ✔ Receive a 5% discount for full payment up front

Local & Sustainable

Pasture-raised and pasture-finished right here in Cedar Grove, NC

✔ No GMO feed
✔ No confinement
✔ Rotational grazing only

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Join Our Community

Don't be intimidated--everyone can cook with better meat! In addition to delicious meat all year long, members are invited into an ongoing, supportive conversation about all-things meat.

    ✔ Join free workshops and discounted farm events
    ✔ Receive a monthly newsletter
    ✔ Participate in a private Facebook group with additional meal planning ideas and meat cookery tips.