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"Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants."

- Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma

We believe that eating less meat-- and eating high-quality, pasture-raised meat-- is better for the earth, animal welfare, farmers, and consumers.

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Convenient & Customizable

Sign up for the plan that fits your household and order only what you want each month from our wide selection of meats and cheese

    ✔No deep freezer required
    ✔ No unrecognizable cuts that end up in the back of your freezer
    ✔ Delivery directly to your home

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Secure & Reliable

All of your meat, eggs, and cheese for a year

    ✔ 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    ✔ Meat handled with care to prevent the spread of food-borne pathogens and COVID
    ✔ Delivery tracking lets you know exactly where we are and when we'll deliver


Fair & Affordable

We set our prices so that farmers and farmworkers can make a decent living, but we make it accessible to budgets of every size with pay-as-you-go options

    ✔ Sign up for secure, recurring credit card payments
    ✔ Send us an envelope with post-dated checks and we'll deposit one a month
    ✔ Receive a 15% discount for full payment up front


Local & Sustainable

Pasture-raised and pasture-finished right here in Cedar Grove, NC

✔ No GMO feed
✔ No confinement
✔ Rotational grazing only


"Small farmers are the foundation of food security."

- Vandana Shiva, EcoWatch Report

In addition to the meat we produce on our farm, we support a like-minded, resilient network of small farmers within an 8 mile radius.

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"Eating is an agricultural act."

- Wendell Berry, The Pleasures of Eating

We are creating a mutually beneficial relationship between farmers and eaters who are working together to regenerate soil and revitalize our local economy.

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family farm
“We have been City Slicker members for just about a year and have loved every moment! The first time I sat down to order our monthly share I was happily overwhelmed by the variety of offerings. A real bonus is that our meat is delivered right to our door, what a dream! Over the past year we have discovered some favorites and must haves (chorizo!) and make an effort to try a new item every month to expand our culinary repertoire. We believe in supporting local farms and businesses as often as our budget allows. Our membership with Edens Meats allows us to support sustainable, local meat producers that respect their animals and aim to offer top quality products to their community. We are so grateful that we found them!”
Mika Twietmeyer
City Slicker Member
“Edens Meats has made it possible for our small family to solely consume meat products that are locally and sustainably raised at a fair price. The product options are vast, and everything we have ordered has been truly amazing. Meats are delicious! We enjoy learning how to prepare new cuts we may not have tried otherwise (stew with beef chuck roast last night was mouthwatering). Chas makes monthly deliveries easy and effortless. We love having a freezer full of beautiful, delicious and humane meat options to enjoy and share with family and friends. We're eagerly planning out our next order!”
Steve Anderson & Katie DeConto
Homesteader Members
As a hunter, angler, and general lover of the outdoors, the source of my meat is very important to me. I have searched high and low, looking for meat that is minimally-processed, high-quality and produced near where I live. Edens Meats has been a game changer. Since we've signed up, we never want to buy meat or produce at the grocery store again. The quality of the food and flexibility of delivery options makes it a no-brainer. The bacon and chorizo take my breakfast burritos to the next level! Thank you, Edens Family!
Jac Saltzgiver
Homesteader Member
Our family are big fans of Edens Meats. The brats are simply the best! The taste is outstanding, but so is the knowledge that we are supporting area farmers.
Norman Wirzba
Homesteader Member
The eggs from Edens Meats are fantastic: brightly colored yolks, good structure on the whites, great flavor, strong shells. You can tell they're happy chickens. They make a great omelette, frittata, fried egg, soft-boiled, souffle -- you name it.
Ten Mothers Farm
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